What the group means to us

One day we got together to talk about why this group is so important to us all and, in no particular order, this is what we came up with:

  • Talk to and meet face to face with other people who are faced with BC.
  • Get access to research and information about BC
  • A diagnosis of BC can create a sense of isolation; to be able to talk to others who are going through the same problems and to hear and see that life goes on
  • It is a very open group with no rules
  • Need a support group for this medical situation after many years of experience with a support group for a different health condition
  • Need support outside of that from friends and family-we all often seem to find that we have to be supporting those around us and sometimes not saying how we really feel. Sometimes they are just wanting us to be OK others just don’t realise/understand how things are for us-‘You look ok why can’t you….’ ‘You are lucky you haven’t got……’
  • Want to meet like-minded people
  • Need a place to talk, cry, laugh and be myself
  • It’s a safe place to say how I really feel and to feel listened to
  • To offer support to other people who are just starting out on this long journey
  • Everyone is different, we all have a diagnosis of BC but there are many different varieties and stages and we all react differently at different times; no one is on the same treatment programme but we can share similarities about effects of drugs, surgery and radiotherapy and find that there are often emotions and situations that arise for all of us.
  • Somewhere to express feeling of being out of control, can’t control cancer but can learn techniques to deal with feelings
  • Networking among ourselves to help each other and to find out about other support e.g Maggie’s Centre at the Churchill, websites, Facebook groups etc
  • A social outlet when new to the area and not knowing anyone with BC and where to go for help.
  • Somewhere to go at that weird time when treatment ends. Should be an exciting positive time but can be left feeling lonely and uncertain as appointments and contact with medical team stops